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4 tips to achieve the 'click' on a date

The first impression is what counts, at least that is what popular lore says, and that becomes more than evident on a date. Various tips focus on attitudes, body gestures, how to dress or decisions about what to eat, whether or not to drink liquor, etc. But what about the fundamental conversation? How do you sustain an appointment if not with good dialogue? Jeremy Nicholson, a social psychologist with research on influence and persuasion in love relationships, wrote an essay on the impact of engaging and engaging first date talk.

His studies were based on research with students at Stanford University in which more than 1,000 audios of 4-minute quotes were recorded.

The researchers asked the students which of the dates they had felt connected to in that short period and analyzed the audios of the conversation.

According to the results, men and women felt a greater connection to dating who shared things about themselves, rather than asking and answering a bunch of questions. In particular, people clicked using "I", not in a selfish way but to give strong statements about what they think.

"They stop saying something vague and are concrete in their thinking and that projects confidence," the study says. When they tell some of their stories and show passion, enthusiasm and excitement, the conversation becomes fluid and they become more interesting.

As a result, Nicholson published 4 tips for men and women to make an emotional connection, be it love or friends, in those encounters.

1. Share what you know

Instead of asking questions, tell something about yourself. Your passions, what you know how to do. Give him some thoughts on a particular topic that might interest both of you. Of course, try to moderate yourself in the speech because otherwise you can sound somewhat narcissistic.

2. Tell a short story

Think of it as a story that maybe that person can tell someone else. Having the floor for a moment will free the other person from thinking about what to ask and they will be able to detail you better and hear what you are. What funny thing happened to you last week? What has been the most interesting thing about your work?

3. Be enthusiastic

Or at least it doesn't sound like you're bored. Listen, interact, talk, ask what is necessary for the first date. Vary the tone of your voice and the volume. Laugh if the opportunity arises. Sometimes for having a correct attitude, we pass for flat people.

4. Show appreciation for what the other says

Listen to your date. Show empathy for what he says, if that is the case, or express your opinion about what he just said. That shows that you are following the conversation. Everyone likes to be heard.
4 tips to achieve the 'click' on a date

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